So some things happened which have greatly lengthened the process for starting up my projects. First, I decided, based on the advice of several indie developer friends, that I should not work on my ambitious project as my first go at it. Second, I spent a very long time iterating on other designs trying to get to something I felt was simple but at least basically accomplished my goals and was interesting. Third, I realized that my timeline was not going to achieve financial sustainability (surprise 😉 ). And Fifth, I found a very awesome project in the Seattle area with an Art Director opening that was very enticing… and got the job.

So for the foreseeable future, I am the Art Director at Goblinworks (goblinworks.com), and working on a very exciting sandbox MMO called Pathfinder Online, based on the very successful pen and paper game Pathfinder. It’s a great team and a great project. I am continuing to work on my own projects on my own time, and have the added benefit of being able to potentially pay programmers and/or animators to help me complete the aspects of my projects I am less adept at implementing.

It will be a much longer time period, but I have returned to my initial project design because it is what I’m most excited about and passionate about. One of the great things I’ve been exposed to at Goblinworks is the practice of releasing EVERYTHING about the game. We are super transparent. I think I’m going to start the same process with my own project. I would love to get feedback an hone the design and ideas, and would love to share what I’m doing.

Hopefully this new e-mail to blog thing works… it will make it much easier and much more likely for me to post! I’m dubious of images being supported, but will try that in an upcoming post. Until then!