About Sparklight Studios

Sparklight Studios, founded in Seattle in 2012 by Michael Hines, is an independent digital game development studio focused on building games and virtual worlds with the core purpose of expanding social consciousness through entertaining, compelling and visually stunning immersion experiences.


About Michael Hines

Mike is a game industry veteran, with 15 years of experience in game development including a wide array of game genres, platforms and target audiences. His experience includes both art and technical project direction, concept art, asset development, extensive team building and production process development experience. Additionally, Mike has played an active role in multiple volunteer organizations working toward improving social awareness of human and animal welfare. The combination of these experiences led to Mike founding Sparklight Studios with the intention of creating an ethically run company dedicated to creating entertaining, compelling, high quality games that expand social consciousness while entertaining and motivating the player.


The studio is in its early stages, but check back often for updates!

Compelling, Thought Provoking, Entertaining Games.