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I recently worked with a UW team (including my friend Tiffany Youngquist) to create a small fun game which uses EMG facial input to control a cute little ball shaped unicorn (hence unicORB) as it captures rainbows from clouds to prevent the impending darkness. It was part of a competition called Tech Sandbox, which focuses on finding control and interface solutions that could be used by people with disabilities or unique challenges to standard computer inputs and interfaces. This is a bit different than the projects I was originally envisioning, but is very much in line with the core principles behind Sparklight Studios for creating projects that are socially beneficial.

I worked with Tiffany on the game design and concept, and then fully developed the game itself. The rest of the team handled the EMG interface and connecting that with the game inputs, as well as collaborating on the best facial gestures to use.

I am incredibly busy with my Art Direction responsibilities on Pathfinder Online